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Почистващ спрей Hama Cleaning Gel for LCD/Plasma Screens w/cleaning cloth


Hama Cleaning Gel for LCD/Plasma Screens w/cleaning cloth

  • Код: 160
  • Производител: HAMA
  • Тегло: 0.300 кг
Цена: 11.00лв.
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Specially developed liquid for cleaning the sensitive
surfaces of LCD/plasma screens
Removes dust, dirt and grease
The gelatinous consistency prevents the liquid from
quickly seeping down the screen
Free from substances such as alcohol, butyglycol and methanol
Also suitable for other surfaces, e.g. TFT screens, notebooks,
PDAs, scanners, copiers
Regular cleaning increases the lifetime of your television
Contains antistatic agents
High-quality, washable microfibre cloth included (100% polyester), 20 x 20 cm
Base Price Unit: 100 ml
Component 1: Microfiber Cloth
Component 2: Cleaning Gel
Content: 200 ml
Material Polishing Cloth: Microfiber
Presentation: Single
Suitable for: LCD/Plasma